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28 Sep 2009 The Outside Tidy Up
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This weekend we had a good tidy up outside the front of the house, well mainly thanks to mum and dad.

Mum has been working on the garden (thanks mum) getting that all sorted and dad pressure washed the patio out the front, that looks loads better now (thanks dad) also between the two of us we put up our new door number which is pretty dam cool. See the pics for the slate sign it came from and they have an very impressive service, you even do online proofs of your sign which i was pretty cool.

Plumber in today moving some heaters around so its all go at the moment.

20 Sep 2009 House Pic’s – Wall Stripping
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Here are some pictures of the house now we have took the paper and tiles off of the wall and the ceiling tiles down

20 Sep 2009 Were in and its all go
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Thought i actually better start posting now we are in the house and its all systems go.

We have stripped all the paper off in all of the rooms with some help for Laura and Grant we got the whole house nailed in the bank holiday weekend which was good going.

We have had the fun job of removing ceiling tiles from some of the rooms. The dining room was a nightmare took me a good couple of hours, half of it was easy but the rest was a right bugger they must have used some extra strong glue for the bottom end of the room. The living room took me and Nigel 2 hours between us to get that done, apart from the coving around the edges that wasn’t too bad. Then lastly Nigel got the upstairs toilet and bathroom done in a couple of hours. All in all we had about 7 bags of ceiling tiles and aching arms from getting that lot down.

This weekend we have got all of the tiles off in the kitchen and bathroom so every wall which needs redecorating is ready to go.

This last week when i was off work on holiday ( i’m sure an week in the office is easier ) we got quite a few things done. We had Mr Hubbard our electrician in, we moved around a load of sockets, changed how the light switches work and put up an outside light so that was a good days work. Spent some time sorting out the front garden, blagged a mower off of a neighbour which he is letting me keep, thank you David. Been out buying paint testers, still not settled on a colour. Been out looking for beds and sofa’s. Started filling holes which we have made getting the paper off etc and i have had 3 windows companies in to give me quotes, got a couple more next week then we need to get moving on that and been to a couple of bathroom stores to get them to design me a bathroom.

Hopfully this week we can make a start on getting the plans drawn up which we need to submit to the council to get the walls knocked down then i can schedule some builders to come in as were nearly at the stage where there’s no point of putting paint on etc with the amount of mess were going to make brining walls down.

20 Sep 2009 House Pic’s – Original
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Here are some pics of the house before we started