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28 Jun 2010 The long overdue update
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OK im still rubbish at updating the blog better update you all with what’s been going on.

Chimney has gone

It was a mission but over the Easter weekend the chimney was removed by Dave with some help (well i think you can call it help) from Nigel and myself. It took the whole weekend and didn’t start well on the Friday morning with the winds and rain to which dave asked me to get on the very top of the scaffolding which was in line with the top of the roof and throw the bricks down, “ i don’t think so “ was my prompt reply. Alot of the weekend was spent carrying bricks outside of the house and on the kango, i was still bouncing for a few days after. Where the chimney came out from is totally sealed up now, looks good and its made an amazing difference in the kitchen and in my room.


Chimney coming down in my bedroom


Nigel tidying up as we go in the kitchen then bashing some of the bricks out himself.



Chimney gone (kitchen on left, my bedroom on the right)Smile


All the bricks went out the back for later.


Scaffolding up but the chimney has gone.



Wasn’t planning on doing the patio this year originally but we decieded that the bricks from the chimney might as well form the base of the patio. We have now had the wall for the patio built, filled with scalpings, steps have been started to be built and the patio slabs have been ordered from Acrete in Westbury. Should be finished in July.



New doors

New front and back doors are not on, looking much better



Front Room

We have started to decorate the front room, nearly done now.



Walls sorted, lights in ready for the plumber to come back in a couple of weeks



Were cracking on with the kitchen, ceiling done, kitchen in, floor tiles started today need to get on and find tiles and paint now


That about covers all the big stuff i’ll try and update the site more now were getting into the fun stuff