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28 Feb 2010 February Update
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End of feb and im still rubbish at updating the blog. Been mental busy at work and on the house. Quick plug for work check out its the latest in our family of sites and its got some amazing products on there.

This months highlight the windows and French doors are in and they look brilliant, im well pleased with them. They give so much more light in the front room. The second highlight of the month is were well on the way with the bathroom, me and Dad (well mainly dad with me helping him out) put up the wood work for the new walls, we did a dam good job if i do say so myself and this weekend they have been plastered. I can take final measurements tomorrrow and get on and order the bathroom. That’s if i have any money left now were starting to have to pay for the big stuff the bank account is getting smaller and smaller. On that note (second plug of the day) if you have any computer problems like your wireless is playing up or you run a small business and you need some analytics setup on your site and an overview of what its telling you then get in touch i can pop over of a weekend or evening and help your out, my rates are very good, email me at for more info.

Back to the house, with the new windows in there was a fair bit of plastering to be done especially in the kitchen where its actually a new window, that’s pretty much all done now. In my office (soon to be the hub of the house) i have my cable box in and new shelves in the little cupboard.

In the front room the ceiling was plastered a couple of weeks ago, i put the 1st coat of paint on yesterday and a second today, i brought a dulex paint pod used it for the 1st time today and managed to break it within 2 hours, rubbish. Painting ceilings is a rubbish job im aching now gonna be still in the morning.

Planning on getting the chimney out over Easter now, only a month away and hopefully the weather might be better.

Sofa is being delivered tomorrow, should be interesting me and nigel have tidied up enough in the front room to keep it in there and coved, pitty the muppets at DFS couldn’t keep it for another two weeks.

Some Pictures

Bathroom walls down old window being plastered over


Bathroom new frame then plastered boarded ready to be plastered

IMAG0131 IMAG0136

Office – The hub :) and cupboard

DSC01261 DSC01328


Kitchen – Kitchen out,  then walls being plastered and new window

DSC01181DSC01270 DSC01272 DSC01291


Lounge – Hole for French doors being prepped, the new doors in

DSC01264 DSC01322


Here’s hoping March goes as well as February did and if any big things happen i will try and post quicker.