22 Aug 2009 Were getting close now :)
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We have exchanged contracts now woot woot :) :)

We should have the keys on friday, perfect for some bank holiday paper stripping

19 Aug 2009 The pace is picking up…..
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…. and at long last too.

We have now got the contract through which contains lots of big legal words and lots of little words just in the wrong order “the of which” WTF!! We have a few minor technicalitites to resolve and we COULD still be on for Friday. All I need to do now is work out how to cover my scare and learn the art of wallpaper stripping…

16 Aug 2009 Is the end in sight…..
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We spoke with the solicitors on Friday and have been informed that the contract will be in the post to us on Monday 17th August and the house could be ours by Friday 22nd August. But hey its taken 9 weeks to get this far im not holding my breath….

02 Aug 2009 Stillllll waiting
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No updates still waiting aparently should all be done in a couple of weeks, that was a week agao so were not holding out for anything to magically happen this week

On a positive im now upto a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, dining room table and chairs for a whole £60 and a chocolate cake, not bad going. Just need a house to put them in

19 Jul 2009 We’re waiting
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1st entry from us is a not very exciting one we are currently just waiting.

The family we are buying from were chasing their solicitor on Thursday last week and so are we with ours. Hopefully it shouldn’t take much longer we are currently at week 5 since we started the proceedings.

19 Jul 2009 Welcome to our blog
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Welcome to our new blog, Myself and Nigel will be posting updates on what we are upto with the house and how are getting on with the progress.

Check back for new photos and plans as they happen